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Short Bio:

In late Autumn 2007, Erkki Seppänen, decided to form an acoustic band to go alongside  with his other, more “full-scale” bands. The idea was to play some of Erkki’s solo material, acoustic versions of his other bands, as well as their own favorites from various artists, both Finnish and English (occasionally even Russian). Currently, SAB is an unprecedented commando-team and an unrivaled acoustic band that tours around the pubs of Finland!


sabjanne saberkki sabseppo
Janne Juutinen:
percussion & backing vocals
Erkki Seppänen:
vocals & guitar
Seppo Kolehmainen:
guitar & backing vocals

Song material:

The band’s sets include acoustic arrangements from the following artists:

AC / DC, Absoluuttinen Nollapiste, Badding, Bruce Dickinson, Dave, Dreamtale, Elvis Presley, Guns N ‘Roses, Hurriganes, Iron Maiden, J. Holiday, Juice Leskinen, KISS, Leevi And The Leavings, Manowar, Nightwish, Queen, Scorpions, Steppenwolf, Stratovarius, Teräsbetoni, Tuiran Miliisi, Uriah Heep, Whitesnake


Jani Timonen, tel: 044 056 7184
Email: timonen.mpviihde[at]